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Edition 9 | 17 June 2022
Ms Judith Weir

Semester One is drawing to a close and it is a great time to reflect on all that has been achieved. We went into the year hopeful that all the events and rites of passage would return. Whilst they have taken time to once again form part of our year, for the most part they are back. We are now gathering as a whole school to celebrate the achievements of our students. We are celebrating Mass together and welcoming families onsite to share in the joy of watching our very talented students perform in Matilda and the Mid-Year Concert.

Students have attended Year 12 Retreat, Year 7 Camp and Year 9 Horizon Camps. Excursions have resumed and GSV is in full swing. Teams who competed in GSV Cross Country and Netball were successful in bringing home trophies. The business of our lives has returned and with it the challenges of juggling all of the competing needs and priorities of our families and work.

This Term we have also seen the return of winter. A colder and more challenging winter than we have had for some time which has included a cold and flu season that has impacted many. As winter continues in Term 3, we hope that the worst of the flu season has passed and students can return without interruption. Thank you to all who remained home when they were unwell, followed up with Rapid Antigen Tests and did their very best to help keep all at OLMC safe and well.

The Student Leaders have really worked hard this semester to engage with students from every Year Level in a variety of ways. Congratulations to all Year 12 Student Leaders on leading students to successfully participate in the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, Dare to Donate, Whole School Assemblies and a range of other smaller activities, that provided chances for Year 7 and 8 students to learn what being part of OLMC can mean. The leaders have been excellent role models who have impressed us by their commitment to ensuring that all that is valuable about OLMC continues. The SRC and class leaders at all year levels have also taken up the challenge and joined the Year 12 Leadership Team in many of the initiatives across the semester.

Brooke Kilborn, Head of Student Wellbeing will spend her final days with us next week. Brooke has served the students, families and staff at OLMC with dedication and commitment for over ten years. For most of that time she has led the Student Wellbeing Team. There are many students and families who I know will be forever grateful to Brooke for her listening ear, her patient understanding, her resourcefulness and her commitment to supporting students to successfully complete their secondary education. Brooke has been a respected and valued friend and colleague to many at OLMC. We wish her every success in her new role in the Wellbeing Team of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools as Education Advisor in the area of Child Safety.

In Term 3 Megan Edwards will take up the role of Head of Student Wellbeing for the remainder of the year. Megan has been a member of the OLMC Community for a number of years and been the Health and Physical Education Learning Leader for much of that time. We know that Megan will continue to ensure that the wellbeing of all students is at the forefront of our work and we wish her all the very best in her new role.

This is the last newsletter before the break. We hope that you all have a wonderful break and enjoy a change of routine. We hope all students find time to rest and rejuvenate ready for a busy and exciting Term 3.

Mr Shane Taylor
Faith and Mission Coordinator

Monday 20 June 2022 at 6.00 pm AEST - The World Day of Refugees

Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office and the Office for Justice, Ecology and Peace invite you to participate in an online prayer service to pray for asylum seekers and refugees and mark Refugee Week from Sunday 19 June to Saturday 25 June 2022. The theme for the week is “healing”.

Register now at:

Mr Shane Taylor
Faith and Mission Coordinator

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin nation as the traditional custodians of this land on which OLMC was built and pay our respects to their elders, both past, present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of the living Wurundjeri people today. We recognise that sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be Aboriginal land. Ours is the age of the refugee, the displaced person and mass immigration. For decades, Australia has been a place of refuge and welcome for many people who have fled from the unbearable realities of wars and deprivations around the world. They have had to leave a familiar world behind and move to a new world populated with languages, traditions, skills and new ways of living that are foreign to their own. We recognise that Aboriginal people, and refugees, share the experience of displacement and dispossession of their lands. The reconciliation process is incomplete, and we as a nation are not doing enough to progress it. As well, policies regarding the treatment of refugees have often been cruel, with ongoing uncertainty for too many. Too many lives are left in limbo. Too many are living in poverty and deprivation. So let us remain committed to justice and reconciliation in this land, to meet the tasks to realise and actualise a fair and just Australia. As a nation, we extend – and are able to receive – the gifts of generosity, understanding, compassion, hospitality and respect.

As we prepare to commemorate Refugee Week, the Mercy family is asked - “Who am I called to be a neighbour for?” Pope Francis says “... history teaches us that the contribution of migrants and refugees has been fundamental to the social and economic growth of our societies. This continues to be true in our day. Their work, their youth, their enthusiasm and their willingness to sacrifice enrich the communities that receive them.”

Message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2022.

As people of ‘The Way’, we pray…

Lord, make us bearers of hope,
so that where there is darkness,
your light may shine,
and where there is discouragement,
confidence in the future may be reborn.
Lord, make us instruments of your justice,
so that where there is exclusion, fraternity may flourish,
and where there is greed, a spirit of sharing may grow.
Lord, make us builders of your Kingdom,
together with migrants and refugees
and with all who dwell on the peripheries.
Lord, let us learn how beautiful it is
to live together as brothers and sisters.

Refugee Week 2022
Mr Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

In Term 3 students will be making decisions regarding their subjects for 2023.

As part of this process, Parent Information Evenings will be held at the College at the following times

Year 11 2023 Parent Information Evening

Tuesday 21 June, 7:00pm

Year 10 2023 Parent Information Evening

Monday 18 July, 7:00pm

Year 9 2023 Parent Information Evening

Tuesday 26 July, 7:00pm

More details regarding subject selection will be emailed to parents and guardians closer to the respective dates of the presentations. Filming of the presentations will take place and be made available via PAM, for those not able to attend the evening presentation.

For parents of students currently in Year 10, information regarding the 21 June Parent Information evening was emailed on 10 June. Next week our Year 10 students will be involved in a Subject Selection and Pathways program from Wednesday 22 June - Friday 24 June.

End of Semester One Reports

It is anticipated that the Semester One Reports will be available from 3:30pm on Friday 15 July. An email will be sent when they are available to view on PAM and SIMON.

This term has provided a range of challenges, particularly with regard to health and wellbeing.

Due to this, and in an attempt to best manage the challenges of this term, the End of Semester Reports are being released later than in previous years. This is to provide an opportunity for students who have been absent to undertake assessment, and time for their teachers to assess tasks and provide feedback.

Assessment results can still be viewed via PAM and SIMON as they are completed.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews in Semester Two

We are aware that over the last two years with interviews being run remotely that this has been welcomed by some, while for others they would appreciate the interviews being held at the College. We have received feedback that interviews are better on site, allowing a chance to physically sit with a teacher. Other feedback has been that online interviews have allowed greater flexibility for parents to join from home/work and there has not been the hassle of finding a carpark.

As we move into a Semester Two with fewer restrictions, we are seeking your feedback regarding our Interview format. We have a short survey on PAM. If you have a minute to indicate your view on two statements, that would be appreciated and will assist us in our planning.

As Mercy people, we are so grateful to all the Year 10s and Teaching Staff who have volunteered their time and energy to walk with others as they participate in the Saint Vincent de Paul Reading Program at St Pius X Primary School each Tuesday afternoon.

Our girls join with Vinnies volunteers to read to the Primary School children and help them foster a love for reading and create connections with their wider community. The sharing of life and learning is an essential part of Catherine McAuley’s story and one that we commit to as we live Mercy today.

We look forward to taking across a new group of Year 10s who will begin in Term 3.

Lauren Marquet
Social Justice Coordinator

Year 9 Computing students were recently given an opportunity to explore the world of drones with an industry professional from the social enterprise group She Maps. The workshop had the students, piloting drones, coding, problem-solving and exploring real-world geospatial scenarios at Melbourne Polytechnic’s Greensborough campus.

She Maps run programs specifically to empower girls and provide diversity in STEM education. Students were challenged to think about gender bias in STEM professions and collaborate to solve real-world problems.

It was a great learning experience for all!

Di Casey
ICT Coordinator

Throughout the Horizon program, our classes 9LAN and 9SMI undertook many challenges together and built many skills such as collaboration and planning skills.

We had three main assessments and along with these came trail days that helped educate us and prepare us for what was ahead. Our first assessment was Beyond the Baggot, where we were introduced to some possible future careers and the different pathways we could take to achieve them.

One of the Trail Days that helped with this assessment was our visit to The Australian Catholic University and the William Angliss Institute. Here we learned about the differences between University and TAFE and how each one suits different people and job aspirations. Throughout the whole term we also worked on an assessment called Inquiry Based Learning. Here we developed many skills like teamwork and creative thinking. We also learned to collect our own data for our research to further investigate our chosen topics.

Challenge by Choice was a main theme throughout the Horizon Journey. This involved pushing yourself even in challenging situations and going into every experience with positivity. We went on a Trail Day where we tried tree surfing which made us think more about challenges by choice. This also was a great preparation for camp as that’s where we also needed to use courage and determination to push ourselves. Some of the activities at camp that reflected challenge by choice were abseiling and the commando course. These activities tested us both physically and mentally. However with good team work, we overcame these challenges resulting in an extremely fun camp and a time we will always remember.

Overall, Horizon this term was an incredible experience that taught us many valuable skills and it will be a term that we will certainly never forget.

Natalia B. and Lexie H. (9LAN)

Gabby Tabban
Horizon Coordinator

Back in May, the Year 7 Humanities team wrote that our students were ‘developing their understanding of water as a resource.’

Water has been our Term 2 focus and, like the shifting tides and the plip of a tap in the night, we have been gushing about our resource privilege - all the while, concentrating on countries that have water issues and scarcity. Over the last couple of weeks, our Year 7 Water Warriors have launched their ideas, creations and thought-processes to address the world’s water problems.

Their task required them to work as a group. They participated in a brainstorm session, where all possibilities were explored and, yes, some of them were very left-field. However, having read in the June 4th Edition of The Economist that scientists are considering a scheme to reintroduce, by gene-editing Asian elephants, something resembling a mammoth to Siberia. Their feeding habits could restore the grassland habitat that was around before mammoths were exterminated, increasing the sunlight reflected into space and helping keep carbon compounds trapped in the soil…

we decided that no idea was too far-fetched.

Within two to three sessions, the Water Warrior groups collaborated, communicated and constructed pieces to showcase their ideas. Some looked to ‘solve’ the water issues of their focus country, while others prepared letters to the United Nations asking for support or businesses asking for finance. Some groups used stop-motion; others diorama displays. They all spoke and pitched-in. Each student contributed something to the ongoing project and each individual worked at their own pace.

Well done, Water Warriors of 2022! We look forward to starting some History investigation with you soon and hope you have learnt to appreciate turning on the tap for fresh water in the kitchen or bathroom.

Rosemary Jones
Humanities Learning Leader

Last week, the Year 7 cohort and 24 staff braved the cold Victorian weather as they ventured off with excitement to Phillip Island Adventure Resort for camp. We spent three action packed days embracing the College Values of Joy, Courage, Compassion and Justice through a range of diverse activities. Some of the activities were water based with canoeing and raftmaking, some involved teamwork cooking on a fire and a series of initiative challenges, and others required students to harness up and soar at great heights.

Whilst the weather wasn’t all we had hoped for bright skies and sunshine a rarity in June, there were breaks in the rain and plenty of rainbows seen whilst activities were completed. On the first night, we jumped back on the buses to head off to the Penguin Parade. The ocean swell was very rough, and we waited awhile for the first glimpses of the little penguins surfing into shore. During our time watching the penguins, students learnt many interesting facts about the penguins and the nature reserve they call home. Walking back to the buses along the boardwalk, students stopped to see the penguins waddling through the scrub to find their nesting areas, and listened to their squeaky calls to one another. Many seemed to be racing each other up the dunes, and students were heard guessing which penguin would win!

It was great to see many students embodying the resilience show by the little penguins as they overcame the ferocity of the waves to make it to shore. As students too embraced the ‘Challenge by Choice’ motto of camp and surprised themselves by their ability to stretch and rise to the challenges presented to them. School camps are an opportunity for students to challenge themselves through activities, but also create lifelong memories, and connect with a range of students. Through the range of different groupings students had the chance to further develop connections with people they already knew and also meet new people. Thursday nights Pastoral challenge enabled students to spend time with peers in their pastoral groups and participate in a range of short trivia and ‘minute to win it’ style games. Congratulations goes out to the students in 7JBR, who took out the challenge and remain victorious after Matball competition!

Upon our return to school on Friday afternoon, students and staff alike were weary, and certainly looking forward to a long weekend. However, it was great to hear the stories being told to waiting family members by students of their enjoyable time away. So much learning and personal growth happens beyond the four walls of a classroom, so it was fantastic to see students embracing every opportunity and we are so glad this opportunity could occur, in light of the interruptions to experiences of the last two years.

Stephanie Boeme
Year 7 Level Coordinator

Over the past weeks, Year 8 students have been exploring the Mercy family. They started with the Gospels, moving to the life, ministry, charism and spirituality of Catherine McAuley. Then they studied the growth of the Sisters of Mercy and finished this unit with how Mercy women and men are walking today, being in relationship with God and with all of humanity. This week students were able to explore some of our OLMC heritage, investigating photos, old uniforms and memorabilia.

Bernadette Hogan and Grace Austin
Religious Education Learning Area Leader

Last Tuesday the Year 12 students were treated to a lunch provided by Sisters, celebrating their halfway mark of the year. Students indulged in chicken, lamb and falafel wraps and rolls, while playing a year level game of Kahoot based on questions surrounding OLMC and the community, as well as the cohort. We would like to congratulate all the Year 12s on their efforts so far this year! It certainly has been a jam-packed semester, so well done to all Year 12s for reaching this milestone.

The Year 10 and 11s have been undertaking their mid semester exams since last Wednesday. They have certainly been studying hard in the learning commons and in the new cafeteria area. We wish them all the best with their studies and they should all be proud of their efforts.

We would like to congratulate the cast and crew of Matilda for an amazing run of shows! Thank you for sharing your talent with our community and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves. We would also like to inform you that the Theatre Studies Production ‘The Night Witches’, will be playing two shows on Thursday June 23rd, one at 4:30pm and one at 7:00pm. Tickets are available here or on SIMON/PAM.

Semester 1 has come to an end very quickly, and it has been a delight being your Communications Captains. We cannot wait to see what Semester 2 brings. Thank you to all the staff for supporting the OLMC students with their school work and planning excursions and camps for the students to enjoy. After being in lockdown for two years, 2022 has certainly been a more exciting year for everyone.

Carla De Vuono and Jasmin Burns
2022 Communications Captains

Music Enrolments

If you have been thinking about learning an instrument, now is your chance!

We are keen to see new students across all year levels and particularly keen to see new students in woodwind, brass and percussion.

Anne Couch
Performing Arts Assistant

Last Monday, after a long pause between performances, OLMC students were able to take part in their first live music performance with an in-person audience in the Mercedes Hogan Theatre. Although students were able to perform in some online concerts during COVID lockdowns, we quickly realised that nothing can replace the joy and anxiety of performing in front of people in the same room.

OLMC’s many varied bands and vocal ensembles entertained 220 ticket holders, we also had the pleasure of being entertained by some group performances from those students in Year 9 and 11 who had chosen Music Performance as one of their elective/VCE subjects. The night was compared by our VCE music students and it was wonderful to see these students as excited to perform to their family and friends as they were when their OLMC music journey started six years ago. I would like to especially congratulate those students from Year 7 - 9 who took part in this performance evening as it was for most their first as an OLMC student. We hope there are many more opportunities to share your talents with the wider community to come.

Next term, we look forward to attending music camp and honing our performance skills so that we are able to share these skills at our Celebration Concert. Keep an eye out for ticket links in August as we would love to see as many OLMC families in attendance as possible.

The Mid-Year Music Concert was a huge success! Having the chance to perform in front of our community after two years at home was so exciting, and it was just so amazing to finally see the hard work and dedication demonstrated by all of our music students across the school.
Emma G. (LADR)

Jo-Anne Mileto
Instrumental Music Coordinator

Student reflections:-

This year, the ‘Revolting Children’ of OLMC and Marcellin College performed Matilda: the Musical with the help from the teachers who direct M2 Senior Productions!

I still can’t process the show being over. There were so many feelings I had going towards closing night, and no words can describe how grateful I am to be a part of not only this show, but also the amazing people I got to know over the past few months, and the friendships I built along the way.

Every cast member was so welcoming and everyone would always bring in a lot of positive energy into rehearsals. Putting this show together was a lot of fun, we would rehearse every Tuesday and Sunday, whether it would be learning a new dance, practising our songs or going through our scenes. We all put as much effort into the rehearsals by getting so much done in little time meaning we had enough time to perfect everything before our opening show.

I have always loved performing from a young age so when it came to show time it was a lot of fun, getting to see everyone in their costumes on stage doing what we all love. Performing in front of an audience for the first time for many people can be nerve racking but once your first show is complete you feel ready to perform again with even more energy. Even if you are not someone that performs but would love to try one of our M2 productions I would definitely recommend giving it a try. The memories you make throughout with the cast and during the show will always be my favourite. I am sad to say this show is over but it will always be a core memory for me and I’m sure for the other people as well that performed in Matilda.
Alysia B. (ALCA)

Emotions are quite cool. Especially when they’re good emotions, like love, or comfort, or excitement. I’ve never felt these emotions in such excess as during my time spent preparing for and performing school productions.

M2’s 2022 Senior Production, Matilda the Musical, was beautiful, both in rehearsals as in performances. We were a tight-knit ensemble of people from every social corner of the high school arena, all joined by a common fascination with performance; a writhing heap of jittering nerves and driven passion, both old and newfound. Those who had not been involved in production before, and who had possibly even joined in just for a laugh, found an overwhelming love for the experience; if not of the performing, then of the infuriatingly talented people they performed with. By closing night you would not have been able to find a cheek untouched by tears of overwhelming pride at what we, a cast and crew of adolescents, had accomplished in only three short months. There’s another good emotion: pride. I think that’s a pretty good emotion, too.
Syria L. (LKPA)

Felicia Taine & Hayley Gamble – Director/Producers
Performing Arts

On Monday 6 June, our Senior A, B, and C Netball teams made their way to Jells Park Glen Waverley to compete in the Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) Finals. Upon arrival, our A and B Teams were awarded zone winners having finished top of the ladder. Well done to our B and C teams who both made it through to the semi finals. Both teams lost to the eventual premiers.

Our A Team played three games on the day, firstly defeating Mentone Girls Grammar 49 - 7 in the qualifying finals. Followed by beating Genazzano College in the semi final 32 - 18 to secure their spot in the Grand Final. The A team blitzed all four quarters against Our Lady of Sion, winning 40-20 to secure the title of Senior A Netball Premiers.

This is the second GSV premiership this team has won during their time at OLMC, having missed the opportunity to win more due to COVID-19.

Congratulations to the nine members of the Senior A Team - Emily O, Madeline E, Georgia A, Emmerson W, Millie B, Maddy L, Grace M, Bailee E, and Bridget B.

Jemma Banfield
Carmel House Coordinator

Applications Closing Soon

The closing date for Camps Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) applications is 24 June 2022

Susan Gepp
Accounts Receivable Officer

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We invite our current families with girls in Grade 5 to apply online for a place at OLMC Heidelberg in Year 7 2024.

Applications for enrolment in Year 7 2024 close Friday 19 August 2022. We must receive an application by this date to ensure a place for your daughter.

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OLMC College Tours

Prospective families are invited on a tour of the OLMC facilities followed by an information session with Principal Judith Weir, Transition Coordinator Rowena Thomson and two students.